Nexa3D announces plans to acquire Essentium

Nexa3D, a frontrunner in the ultrafast 3D printing realm, has marked its escalating footprint in the industrial additive manufacturing sector with a letter of intent to acquire Essentium, a notable entity in high-speed extrusion (HSE) 3D printers and materials, which finds extensive application in precision-intensive sectors like aerospace, military, and defense. This move is set to embed HSE technology into Nexa3D’s existing product arsenal, thereby broadening its operational capabilities, reaching into new markets, and diversifying its revenue streams.

Known for its revolutionary ultrafast 3D printers that span desktop to industrial-scale production floors, Nexa3D has carved out a niche for itself, especially in delivering production solutions across a myriad of sectors. Its technology, acclaimed for enabling a remarkable blend of productivity, accuracy, and material flexibility, has garnered a clientele of over 1200 global customers, making its printers a preferred choice for high-throughput production applications.

On the other side of this acquisition, Essentium comes with a rich portfolio of materials and has been awarded for its high-speed extrusion 3D printers alongside its independent dual extruders (IDEX), which significantly accelerate complex polymer production applications, at a speed 5 to 15 times faster than rival extrusion technologies. This acquisition is not just a testament to Nexa3D’s ambitious growth trajectory but also reflects a strategic move to amalgamate the competencies of both entities, thereby fostering enhanced solutions in the industrial 3D printing landscape.

The Nexa3D XiP 3D Printer. Photo by 3D Printing Industry.
The Nexa3D XiP 3D Printer. Photo by 3D Printing Industry.

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Disrupting the market in a profound way

Nexa3D’s acquisition of Essentium is set to foster a robust alliance to redefine the industrial 3D printing sphere. This collaboration creates a formidable suite of production technologies beneficial to a spectrum of industries.

Avi Reichental, Nexa3D’s Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, “This acquisition will be a testament to our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of 3D printing technology. By joining forces with Essentium, we aim to create synergies that will deliver unmatched value to our customers.” The partnership aims to blend Nexa3D’s expansive market reach, underscored by over 120 worldwide resellers, with Essentium’s pioneering high-speed extrusion technology, equipping industrial clientele with essential tools to escalate additive manufacturing and unlock novel production vistas. “Together, we will drive ultrafast additive manufacturing innovation and provide even more powerful solutions for manufacturers seeking to achieve their production goals,” added Reichental.

Essentium CEO, Blake Teipel, mirrored this sentiment, noting, “We believe that our joint expertise will disrupt the industrial 3D printing market in a profound way. Nexa3D and Essentium share a vision of empowering manufacturers to create what was once considered impossible. Our alignment will enable us to offer game-changing 3D printing solutions for our clients. When we considered potential combination partners from around the industry, we were blown away by the growth, technology, and delivery velocity underpinning Nexa3D. We feel we are joining a team of fast-movers, similar in mindset to our own, and we look forward to enabling greater adoption of industrial AM together for years into the future. “

The acquisition, awaiting standard shareholder and regulatory nod, is anticipated to be finalized by year-end or shortly thereafter, with both entities devoted to ensuring a seamless transition and sustained service delivery to existing and potential customers.

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Featured image shows A fleet of Essentium HSE 3D Printing Platforms. Photo via Essentium.