Continuum Powders Unveils Pioneering Metal Atomization Platform at Formnext

Continuum Powders, previously known as Molyworks, has launched a pioneering metal powder atomization platform, touted as the pinnacle of additive manufacturing’s push towards decarbonization at Formnext 2023. 

The firm claims an 80% reduction in carbon intensity compared to prevailing metal powder methods. This platform, dubbed Greyhound M2P 3.0, propels advanced manufacturing 3D printing into a crucial strategy for curbing carbon emissions in traditionally high-emission sectors.

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The Greyhound M2P 3.0 platform offers faster cycle times, adjustable order quantities, and bespoke alloy formulations. The single-step atomization process underpinning the platform is a significant stride in recycling alloyed metal waste into powder, thus bypassing a slew of conventional operations and curbing unnecessary mining of elemental metal resources, according to the company.

The operational dexterity of the Greyhound M2P 3.0 platform stems from its high-intensity transferred DC plasma heat source, enabling the melting and atomization of nearly any metallic grade. The inclusion of a cutting-edge cold hearth technology ensures optimal purity by trapping high-density inclusions. Moreover, the platform’s recent upgrades have ramped up throughput and bestowed larger batch processing capabilities, courtesy of a continuous replenishment system for input material and output powder sans atomization interruption.

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The Houston-based metal powder provider, Continuum Powders, says that this platform upgrade will not only retain the high-quality spherical metal powder demanded by customers, but significantly contribute to their decarbonization and sustainability agendas by offering nearly carbon-free powder materials. 

“Continuum Powders matches the highest quality performance of spherical metal powders today, but the real aspect that makes them completely disruptive to the industry is their ability to do so at a nearly carbon-zero footprint while being cost-competitive with the market,” stated Michael Corliss, VP of Technology at Knust-Godwin.

“With this Greyhound M2P platform upgrade, we are solidly putting a stake in the ground as the definitive leader in sustainable metal powders,” stated Phil Ward, chief executive officer of Continuum Powders. “Continuum’s Optipowder is the new standard for sustainability – it is made from 100% recycled feedstock, with 100% green energy and using green argon atomization gas. It’s hard to beat 100%, that’s what we’re championing today at Continuum.”

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Featured image shows a Continuum Powders website image. Image via Continuum Powders.

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