VBS Staff

The VBS Staff iPhone app is a simple quiz app to teach and reinforce the core values and expectations for serving on the Vacation Bible School staff.

The app downloads the quiz questions via an Internet connection and in the event there is not connectivity, the app will default to quiz questions included in the app.

This app was created to support the volunteer efforts of the staff utilizing a specific model of the VBS program which can be found at https://vbsonline.org

VBS Task

The VBS Tasks app is a simple ToDo app so our staff can keep track of the myriad of tasks required to design and implement a VBS program

Each task can also can also be preceded by a simple Urgent flag to be reminded to prioritize those tasks first.

VBS UV-Index

The UV-Index app will get your local city, state and zip code and use the latter to look up the UV forecast for that hour.

The app will then calculate how many minutes in the sun before buying takes place. This calculation is based on sun sensitivity which is set at the top of the screen.

Finally, tap the Set Reminder and you will receive a notification on your phone when your burn time runs out.

VBS UV-Monitor

The UV-Monitor app is simple app to help us manage the sun exposure of our campers.

This version is manual, we must input the current UV index, select a sun sensitivity type and then the app will calculate the amount of minutes we can be in direct sun without sunscreen protection.

The “Minutes in theSun” field changes color based on the EPA scale.

VBS Facts

The VBS Facts app displays random facts about doing a VBS utilizing our model.

The app will pull the facts from the vbsonline.org server, and in the event there is no Internet connection, the app will use back-up facts contained within the app.

For more information about this model of VBS, go to https://vbsonline.org

VBS Simon Says

The VBS Simon Says app is a simple swipe game. Swipe in the direction that Simon Says indicates. It is an iPhone game that campers can play when they are waiting to rotate to the evolution.

The game timing is adjustable for three groups:

Green: 2 seconds
Blue: 1.5 seconds
Red: 1 second

The timing adjusts how long a camper has to swipe before a new randomly generated swipe direction is presented.

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